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6 months ago

Today's the day!

Today's the last day to submit your project. You can do this!!!

Submit your project and details here

Submission deadline = Monday, June 6 at 5:00pm (ET) / 2:00pm (PT)


Under 4 hours left to submit. Might as well save your submission early… A rough draft is better than nothing!!


 Submit your demo video. Remember the major requirement for submission is a 3-5 minute demo video. Make sure it is public and playback is allowed on other platforms. Your video should include a complete walkthrough of your project and should explain how you used Azure and if Responsible AI principles were integrated.


 Open Source code Repo. Provide a URL to your GitHub code repository. The repository for your project must be public and have an open-source license.  


 Provide an Azure Reference Architecture. This should outline a high-level overview of the tools and devices used within the application. Remember:


Final stretch here… happy building!!!